Troubled Spirits Perfume Oil

Troubled Spirits Perfume Oil


Troubled Spirits walk among us. They stay up an hour too late and and enjoy one too many cocktails. They kiss strangers and flirt with friends.

Whiskey soaked spices and wine soaked fruit are carried across by charred oak barrel and a deep amber scent. This is a perfect scent for cutting through the winter cold, like a sip of bourbon under your coat.

Profile Woody, Floral, Boozy, Amber

Key Notes

Oak Wood Absolute* (USA), Orange Zest, Damask Rose* (Morocco), Vanilla Bourbon Extract* (India), Aged Patchouli Essence* (India), Amber

*Denotes material of natural origin

*Some sediment may appear in this fragrance due to the large quantity of oak wood Absolute. This absolute is nearly impossible to fully filter, resulting in some oak ending up in the bottle.

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